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Draft Fantasy

Compete against friends in a live draft and become the sole owner of each player. Craft leagues any way you’d like with fully customizable league settings. Take it even further with team-to-team trades and free-agent signings.

Salary Fantasy

Stay on budget and you can squeeze as many superstars onto your squad as you’d like. But prices change based on player performance each week, so manage your budget wisely. Take your friends head-on in a head-to-head league or play against everybody for points.

Daily Fantasy

Each game week brings a new challenge, enhancing the game-day experience. Pick smaller teams quickly and easily without any extra effort. Beat your friends in leagues and compete for the coveted top spot in the overall rankings.

Betting Integrations

There are all sorts of betting integration opportunities for any pick types with a corresponding betting market. With a multi-bet calculator, we can tell you exactly how much you could win from each bet. We’re here to make your life easier, so we go ahead and fill out betting slips for your fans.

Team Fantasy

We keep it simple so that your fans can learn the game and its teams. Each week, fans can see how they stack up against the best performers in each position. But fans can’t pick the best guys every single week – there’s a cap to make sure you select different teams each week.

Standings Predictors

We all need to know what it will take to make the playoffs, and the standings predictor helps fans figure out exactly how it can happen. It’s the perfect engagement tool for the second half of the season. And it’s a great product to boost your relationship with your betting partner.

Line-up Predictors

Everybody’s got an opinion, including your fans. Let them have their turn picking the ultimate squad. Compare predictions from all fans or just your group of friends. Fans can share their ideal team on social media.

Trivia Games

Set the ideal number of questions and answers. Create competition and conversation with leaderboards. Slap a sponsor’s name on it to create a win-win situation.

Polling Solutions

Promote your content AND harness fan opinion through embedded widgets. Our CMS is at your disposal, giving you the flexibility to customize any and all features.

Bracket Challenges

Bracket challenges take the playoffs to the next level for all sports. Both fanatics and novices can join in the madness. Play against friends or compete for massive prizes for the coveted perfect bracket.

Subscription Models

Fantasy Coach is a premium experience that generates extra points for fans and extra revenue for you. Detailed stats and insights, breakeven analysis, bye detectors, score projections – Fantasy Coach has it all.

Props/You Called It Predictors

Gauge fan opinion through interesting and dynamic content. We make your life easy with a simple CMS that allows custom prediction types, variety and flexibility. And we can easily integrate these products with your betting sponsors.

Pick 'Em

Fans will come back to your site week after week to submit their picks. They’ll invite friends and colleagues to play along. It’s the perfect product pairing for a betting partner.