Who we are

Global leader in delivering premium digital sports products

Launched in 2012, FanHub was founded in Australia by a group of disruptive entrepreneurs who had a passion for engagement in sport.

Now with six offices in major global cities including New York City, London and Melbourne, FanHub builds and operates more than 100 products annually to provide commercial opportunities such as sponsorship revenue, user data acquisition, conversion to paid products and most importantly, significant fan engagement.

Originally launched with Australian Rules Football, we now work with partners that include the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, Turner, the ATP, NewsUK, FOX Sports, CBS, Draftkings and others to engage in competitive, casual gaming for more than five million fans globally.

Whether it’s fantasy sports, a bracket challenge, pick ‘em, trivia, polling or anything else our clients dream up, dozens of leading sports federations and brands have chosen to partner with us to achieve their goals.

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What we offer

We have a vast service offering for all your business development needs.

We’re experienced providers of complex products with large user numbers.

We’re global leaders in building robust digital fan engagement platforms.

We offer industry-leading UI/UX design for sports engagement products.

Our vast experience integrating products with betting providers drives value for our partners all over the world.

50+ experts across six global offices results in best-in-class client service and 24/7 customer support.

We’ll provide you with a roadmap focussed on constant innovation and product improvement.

With us, you’ll get market-leading reliability, performance and stability with an intricate understanding of how to navigate load spikes.