Every sport is unique and we work with every client to tailor the FanHub Platform to deliver an experience to your fans that is customised to your objectives and your fan’s passions. We want our partnership with you to be driven by your broader strategy, while at the same time achieving backend economies of scale by using the FanHub Platform.

We support all of our platform solutions with a full suite of digital services to ensure the final experience reflects the uniqueness of your sports audience. We engage these services as much or as little as your project’s specific requirements demand.

Fan Engagement Strategy

At its core FanHub is a Fan Engagement business. Helping our clients engage their fans is at the forefront of what we do. As a result of collaboration with key stakeholders and a period of discovery workshops we pride ourselves in coming up with creative, cutting edge solutions that will help drive your community down the pipe from being mere followers to engaged fans and ultimately fanatical advocates.

Custom Design & User Experience Solutions

While the FanHub platform offers a range of products that will no doubt suit your needs we also appreciate that every sport and every client is different. Through detailed research and a process of mapping our user journey’s we will always make sure we develop a solution to meet your requirements and that of your fans. Our passionate design and user experience team are committed to coming up with innovative solutions while staying abreast of the latest digital trends.

Cross platform product development

In today’s world it’s no longer enough to simply say we approach our products with a mobile first mindset – to be truly competitive you have to engage your fans across all platforms, where they want, when they want. Our vision is to produce multi-device experiences that no matter what platform a fan is using the product is consistent in its design and behaviour, contextual to location and device and complementary to their ultimate viewing and content consumption experience. By doing this we help you bring your fans closer to the game.

Mobile Apps

There are now more mobile users globally than desktop users and these users typically consume most of their content via apps as opposed to the open web. While we are always open to discussing responsive or adaptive web solutions, we have a team of app developers ready to help you build native iOS or Android apps that are world class.

DevOps, Hosting & Support

FanHub has expertise in delivering high-traffic sites and applications for some of the biggest sporting codes in Australia and we have the ability to set up our own developer tools and processes for deploying and managing sites. Our hosting team provides high-performance server packages, personalised support and seamless user experiences. Further to this we also offer complete end-to-end customer support for your fans.

Social, Content & Marketing Strategy

To be truly successful the products we offer need to be well supported by innovative marketing, contextual promotion and a solid social media strategy. We will help you maximise your return on investment through the development of digital marketing and social media strategies tailored to your specific needs that will let you tell your story and engage your audience on your terms.

Insights & Analytics Reporting

Understanding your customer and being able to pivot and tweak your product quickly is key to growing a digital fan base. In order to do this it is important to understand the value of data and reporting. While all of our products come with a standard suite of analytics and reporting dashboards we are about taking this to the next level and allowing you to deliver meaning from user interactions – when it comes to reporting we believe in insights over statistics.

Digital Consulting

Not sure how to engage your audience? Tossing up between a multitude of product options? Engaging fans is what we are about. Drawing from years of industry experience our team can quickly help you cut through these murky waters and build a strategy for success. No problem is too big or too small and our consultancy services are often the best first step you can take to turn your audience into fanatics.

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