Tipping & Predictor Products

The FanHub platform offers a variety of predictor games where users can predict the results in upcoming sporting fixtures to show off their knowledge and take on their friends and other contestants.

The most common options are outlined below, however we are always happy to work to your needs. If there is an outcome-based future event or series of events, we can build a predictor game around it for you!

Standard Predictor / Tipping Products

The general premise for Predictor games is that users will predict the outcomes of matches across the course of a sporting series or season and the User who gets the most correct predictions wins. Users can take on their friends in leagues as well as compete on a global level.

Streak / Survivor Products

This style of Predictor game is quite simple – essentially each round or week users predict the result of one match in the competition and if they get it correct they go through to the next round. The catch is that you can only pick a team once during the course of your “streak” of correct tips. Game mechanics are generally driven around either the last surviving User or the User who builds the longest streak of correct predictions.

Next Play ‘Live’ Predictor Products

These games involve engaging your audience during live events and are generally mobile focussed second-screen experiences. We utilise real time data feed integration prompting viewers to predict what is going to happen next, for example, “who is going to score the next goal” or “will the quarterback pass or run the next play”.

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