Polling & Trivia Products

Polls attract engagement and can be used to kickstart discussion, canvas opinion and provide real-time feedback. Our polling platform is designed with both the end user & publisher in mind with a seamless, mobile first, responsive interface, allowing publishers to quickly create great looking polls that their audience love to vote on.

As an extension of this platform we also offer a Trivia game engine which allows you to create rich, engaging trivia questions and games to support both editorial and commercial campaigns – or just for fun!


The FanHub team are also the brains behind Chant, a free SAAS solution that allows you to quickly create and embed fully responsive rich media polls on your site with a single line of code. You can add images, YouTube videos or tweets to your polls and allow users to share these polls via social channels, driving traffic back to your site.


The Pulse product takes polling to the next level. Pulse is a dashboard of producer and / or user generated polls targeted to the specific needs of an online community or audience. It enables rights holders to harness relevant user generated content, without the need for moderation through the implementation of appropriate rule sets for the creation of polls. Our AFL Fantasy Pulse product is a great example of this – we allow participants to ask other users for advice on what to do with their Fantasy team through a series of templated poll options. If you have a community seeking advice or an audience that just love to have their say, our Pulse product will deliver you both engagement and new sponsorship / advertising opportunities.

Automated Polling

Off the back of our polling platform we can generate automated polls based on data triggers or user actions. This eliminates the need for creating the polls while still offering content for your audience to stay involved and have their say. For example, as part of the NRL Tipping (predictor) game we built for Telstra, we delivered a sponsor driven polling activation for Jim Beam. Contestants were asked each week (based on the team they supported and who they predicted to win that week) if they had tipped their team with their head or their heart, tying the execution back into the sponsors campaign for that season.


As an extension of our polling solution the FanHub platform offers the ability to create Trivia questions and categorise and group these into games for users to test their knowledge. Not only can you use our platform to build visually rich questions (including the ability to add imagery & video), our enterprise level Trivia product allows you to introduce scoring and ranking mechanics and thus offer prizing for the best users.

Rating Products

Our polling platform also has the ability to provide you with a rating system, where fans can rate different players, teams and events, and compare their rating to other fans and that of the so-called experts. A prime example of this is our ‘Fans Best and Fairest’ product, where users nominate who they believe was the most valuable player in each game of the season. Not only does this allow us to calculate fan sentiment based on a single match but it also allows us to aggregate all fan votes over an entire season and determine who is the ‘Fans MVP’.

Custom Polling Solutions

As with all of our platform solutions we are always happy to go a step further and work with you on a strategy to suit your requirements. For Fox Sports Australia we built a custom backend system to suit their polling requirements, allowing them to link the polls they created to the sporting events they covered. We then dynamically rendered the polls within their online Match Centres based on this data matching. Further to this, as all of our platforms are API based, we were able to offer an output of poll results to be integrated with their broadcast graphics system and displayed on air all in real time. This type of cross-platform second screen experience is not only highly engaging for fans, but highly popular with advertisers.

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