Fantasy Products

Let your fans be the coach – the selector and the owner.

Our Fantasy products enable fans to select their teams and take on friends and other fans in a single game, series or season.

We offer a variety of game types on our platform, all of which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Salary Cap games

Users pick a squad of players, who are priced according to their perceived value, based on a fixed maximum Salary Cap. They can enter this team into leagues to play against other users or friends. Players and teams earn points based on real-life on-field performance. In season-long Salary Cap games, users manage their team by trading players according to the specified game rules.

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Draft games

Users join or create a league, and take turns drafting players to fill their squad – essentially only one User in any given league can own a specific player. Users then compete on a head-to-head basis in weekly match-ups against other users in their league, and manage their team by making trades with other players or picking up undrafted players.

Daily / Quick Play games

The Daily Fantasy category has seen huge growth in the last few years. Users pick a team for a single match or group of matches taking place over a single day or short period of time. Generally game play is a much simpler, very mobile friendly and targeted towards instant gratification. Daily games can follow a variety of formats ranging from users picking teams based on a Salary Cap and entering pools for money, right through to quick-pick style games where users take on their friends for fun or enter mass prize leagues.

Custom solutions

The FanHub platform offers all of the above game types, but we also have the ability to tailor solutions to your needs. We adapt the scoring, league and prize mechanics to align with the objectives that you need to achieve.

We understand that game features and mechanics need to be flexible depending on the sport, audience, sponsor and commercial realities.

We can mix and match to suit your needs. Our platform capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following web and mobile features:

  • Intuitive onboarding and registration
  • Simple team builder and intelligent auto-pick options
  • Team management and trading functionality
  • Flexible open and head-to-head league options
  • Advanced match-ups for H2H leagues
  • In-depth stats displayed in Stats Centre, Match Centre and Player profile pages
  • Customisable game rules and scoring options
  • Live Scoring and Live Ranking updates
  • Backend integration for data feeds and third party requirements
  • Social media integration for registration and sharing
  • Insightful reporting dashboard and analytics integration
  • Various user payment models if required
  • Integration with other Fan Hub products
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