Extensions & Widgets

Growing an engaged audience is as much about promotion and content integration across your platforms as it is about making sure the users love the product. While we can offer great web and mobile solutions and develop native apps, we don’t stop there. We offer the ability to provide API feeds allowing you to integrate content back into your site as well as the ability to create embeddable widgets that enrich your user’s experience across the board.

Feed examples include the ability to add specific related content to news articles such as who are the top performing players from a fantasy perspective for a given round, position or team. We can generate widgets along similar lines and have also created the ability for certain features within our games to be turned into embeddable widgets – a great example of this is verified leagues which allow us to flag official partner and sponsor leagues with a “verified” status and then they are able to add an embedded version of their league ladder on their own site.

We are also always looking to stay on top of the latest trends and technology. Our AFL Fantasy game for Telstra extends the native iOS app to the Apple Watch sending you notifications on how your team is progressing and allowing you to follow your player’s scores live and on the go.

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