EPL & A-League Fantasy


EPL & A-League Fantasy!

Fan Hub operates two soccer fantasy products for Perform Media Group, one of the largest digital sports media companies in the world. The growth of Soccer in Australia over the last decade has been closely aligned with the growth in the US. Perform, wanted to tap into this growth and commissioned us to build and operate the Official A-League Fantasy game on behalf of the FFA (Football Federation of Australia). The A-League has been growing in popularity and is the Australian equivalent of the MLS. After the success of A-League Fantasy, Perform expanded our partnership to also build and operate an EPL Fantasy game.

The AFL Fantasy Product included:

Both the A-League and EPL games are season long Salary Cap games where each player is allocated a dollar value.

Users must select a team of players that adheres to nominated salary cap.

Each week users are able to make a maximum of two trades by selecting a player from the player pool in order to tweak their team.

This soccer product is a Salary Cap Game that allows users to alter their formation similar to an actual soccer lineup (e.g. 4-4-2, 5-4-1 etc.).

EPL 2015-2016 Launch

Following the A-League 2014/15 season we recently launched the EPL version for the 2015/16 season

Key features of our Fantasy Soccer products include:

  • An extensive Stats Center
  • A premium service stats package
  • Custom league settings
  • Live Ladder & Rankings
  • Intelligent auto pick
  • A detailed matchups page
  • Live scoring
  • Detailed player profiles
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